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Corporate and personal insolvency

This is a collaboration between Syneca and Jones Partners, practitioners in business recovery and insolvency. We are documenting insolvency trends and trying to understand the drivers. Rates of insolvency have variously surged and retreated in ways that are not readily explained in terms of the macroeconomics of ‘jobs and growth’.  There is a deeper structural story, multifaceted, that we are keen to discuss. Expect a paper around August 2018.

The relocation decisions of retirees and aged persons

A significant minority of retirees relocate one or more times. They may downsize, sea change, tree change, buy and sell property, move into a lifestyle or retirement village, move into or adjacent and aged care facilities, move away from then back to family. Thus, a huge amount of spending, both private and public, moves around the country is ways that are not well understood, possibly with little coherent planning. Our interest relates to plans for a retirement village in Mossman, North Queensland.

Hazards: unfenced swimming pools, bushfire and earthquake exposures

Some of our work has come up against the limitations of hazard mapping in Australia, requiring laborious efforts to fill information gaps – surveys of local government and intensive use of Googol Maps. This lead to preliminary thinking about the possibility of a buildings database, something we would definitely find time to discuss, with a view to collaboration.