Data Analysis and Quantitative Modelling 2018-07-20T00:32:28+00:00

Effects of replacing a roundabout with traffic signals

Our CBA of traffic management options for a Blacktown intersection is based analysis of traffic counts and crash data for the council area. We benchmarked the intersection against similar 4-leg intersections (25 roundabouts and 71 signalled), hence the scope for improved crash performance. For a sample of intersections, we documented the very significant impact of earlier conversions from roundabout to signals.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Program

Participation in the EEO was mandatory for certain large energy users, accounting for over 50% of Australia’s energy use. Smaller energy users participated on a voluntary basis. We were engaged for several months to analyse the statistical returns for several hundred participants over five years, extracting estimates of energy and greenhouse savings, also financial costs and benefits.

Visitor surveys to assess regional economic impacts of tourism

We developed a Tourism Impact Model back in 2003, a tool for councils to assess the local economic impact of tourism. We have periodically used the methodology in work for local government clients. The model draws heavily on the visitor surveys conducted by Tourism Research Australia, such that we are adept at extracting and interpreting visitor data and meshing with other economic data.